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The best hits in SURRO MUSIC are heard in more than 80 restaurants and shopping centers in Yerevan and the cities of Armenia.

The best hits of SURRO MUSIC are included in the playlist of Armenian FM and online radio stations and on the mix.am platform.

The best performers and tracks appear on the official channels of SURRO MUSIC Facebook and Instagram.

Music service

Surro Music

Welcome to the first Armenian music streaming service SURRO MUSIC. We present the largest Armenian music database available on popular mobile platforms.

  • 1500+ Albums
  • 650+ Artists
  • 10000+ Users

The mobile application SURRO MUSIC spends twice less of Internet traffic, which means that the downloads take up to 2 times less memory on the phone while offering high-quality sound.

  • personal radio and television based on user preferences
  • musical collections
  • genre radio
  • What do they listen in surrounding?
  • music search by name and genre
  • artist radio
  • user radio
  • news feed
  • HD videos
  • music downloading
  • track mixing

... and, of course, daily content updates.

Popular Artists

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