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Terms of Service

If you have purchased a subscription to SURRO MUSIC, you will be charged on a monthly or basis based on the plan you choose. If you have purchased a subscription to SURRO MUSIC, you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. However, if you access the SURRO MUSIC app within the 24 hours period, you will no longer be eligible for a refund if you decide to cancel your purchase.

You may cancel your subscription to SURRO MUSIC at any time via the mobile app. The termination shall have effect at the expiry of the then-current subscription period that you have already paid for and you will not be refunded for any remaining portion of subscription fees you have already paid for.

SURRO MUSIC reserves the right to terminate and/or suspend your account at any time in case of unauthorised use of the service. If SURRO MUSIC terminates or suspends your account for any suspicious activity, SURRO MUSIC shall have no liability or responsibility to you, and will not refund any amounts that you have previously paid.

This document was last updated on 27 march, 2018